When you come across different websites, social platforms, and physical print materials, you might notice that one image size doesn’t fit all. For example, the image you use on Facebook may not work for a blog. On the other hand, if you have to print an image, you may need to go with a different size.

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Further, choosing the right image size is always important. The image you pick to use on a platform will not work if it fits the right size. For example, if you download a high-resolution flower image without considering the size, it may work for you.

What are the different photo sizes?

If we talk about the dimensions of different photo sizes in a technical way, they are limitless. Image sizes vary by platform from where you get them. You should always go for the largest image size that can service all you need. If you look for precious exotic flower images for sale, you should buy the largest size.

What are resizing photos?

Sometimes, you need to resize an image when you have to use it on different platforms because one image size doesn’t fit all. Whether it is a social platform, ad platform, website, or print material provider, each works with a different image size. That is, you need to resize an image when you have to use it across platforms. For instance, if you download high-resolution flower images in high resolution or the largest size, you will need to compress it if a platform doesn’t support it.

Image size and resolution

The terms “image size” and “resolution” are often interchangeably used when it comes to the use of images. Usually, an image is represented by the number of pixels. For instance, an image with 100×100 pixels shows the actual image size. An image resolution is when it is controlled by the size of the image. For example, an image can contain 300 pixels per inch. That means you will experience the quality of 300 pixels when the image is printed. After all, pixels per inch are usually referred to as PPI. If an image like a precious exotic flower image for sale contains a higher DPI or PPI, it means that the image is more detailed. That’s all. This is all you need to know about the image sizes. Read the full article to learn more.