• A Large exotic bird

    with colors of white and black. This is bird is sitting in a resting position. Found at the Jacksonville zoo.
  • The bald eagle(I-aliaeetus leuccephalus) is a bird of prey from North America. It is protected by the wildlife Act. Their range is Canada and Alaska
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    A beautiful design from my garden’s imagination.  Here is a plant with beautiful red and green colors. Placed against a background is early March springtime weather.
  • was to America in 1834 by Joel Roberts Poinsett, a botanist from South Carolina in 1834.  He was our first Ambassador.
  • Sunscreen poinsettia

    A designer image with early spring trees in background. Tall pine trees and palm in background.  The poinsettia is a native plant of Mexico.
  • Exotic red-orange poinsettia

    Designed in my light room to appeal a larger range of people who wanted a different color.  Poinsettia are a member of the Spurge family.
  • Green-Red poinsettia

    Developed for those who like extreme colors.  Botanically, known as Euphorbia pulcherrima. It was once called Cultiaxochiti.
  • Red Patch flower is

    A called a bed of flowers because they grow on the ground in spring-like weather.  These flowers were found at my favorite zoo garden. Official name unknown at present.
  • Holly berry tree

    loaded with red holly berries.  These berries start to appear on the trees in November and continue to February the next year. Many name describe these trees. Berry Pop pins, Winterberry, Redberry holly.  Their favorite time of year is Christmas time.
  • This animal is from Africa.  It is the tallest living mammal in the world. Life span 15-25 years. Diet is Herbivore of leaves, fruit and flowers from woody plants. Height 14-1-18-7ft.  They spend most of their life standing.
  • There are many sizes of trees and berry types for this beautiful variety of holly-berry trees. Winterberry, Nellie R Stevens, Southern living, Berry Poppins, LEX holly which there 480 species. Dahoon holly berries present themselves interest for those who love them
  • This little beauty is precious to anyone who looks at it.  I have to remove it from display whenever little children come over because they adore it.

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