• The bald eagle(I-aliaeetus leuccephalus) is a bird of prey from North America. It is protected by the wildlife Act. Their range is Canada and Alaska
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    A beautiful design from my garden’s imagination.  Here is a plant with beautiful red and green colors. Placed against a background is early March springtime weather.
  • was to America in 1834 by Joel Roberts Poinsett, a botanist from South Carolina in 1834.  He was our first Ambassador.
  • This animal is from Africa.  It is the tallest living mammal in the world. Life span 15-25 years. Diet is Herbivore of leaves, fruit and flowers from woody plants. Height 14-1-18-7ft.  They spend most of their life standing.
  • There are many sizes of trees and berry types for this beautiful variety of holly-berry trees. Winterberry, Nellie R Stevens, Southern living, Berry Poppins, LEX holly which there 480 species. Dahoon holly berries present themselves interest for those who love them
  • This little beauty is precious to anyone who looks at it.  I have to remove it from display whenever little children come over because they adore it.
  • An exotic array of spring flowers that thrive in group setting with other flowers in a bed setting.  These were found in Orlando, Florida while I attended a family reunion in Atlanta, Georgia.  Since I always am camera ready, I took a chance to get what I could over the fence.
  • Purple, Red, Muskogee, Red rocket, Dark pink, lilac, are some of the many styles and colors. A favorite in many states. Bloom June to August depending on the weather.
  • Sunscreen poinsettia

    A designer image with early spring trees in background. Tall pine trees and palm in background.  The poinsettia is a native plant of Mexico.
  • The Universal Soul Circus

    Another performance by the Universal Soul circus.  It contains a large percentage of performers who are African American.  The circus performs all over the world where they are headquartering in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Green Cabbage

    an American vegetable. Growing on display at the exotic Jacksonville zoo and Gardens.
  • Orange-pink Flamingos

    at home at the Jacksonville zoo. From a family of waddling birds.  Their family name (Phoenicopteridae. They are distributed throughout the Americas I  $40.00 including the Caribbean’s.

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