You interchangeably use the word image or photo when you see a snapshot like a magnolia tree wallpaper captured by a digital camera. As far as differences in these two words are concerned, they can be found in their meanings.

As you know, the word image or photo is used to refer to a digital snapshot. In addition to it, you also use these words to refer to the print format of your old cameras. While these words are used to refer to a snapshot, they also have other meanings. For example, how can you describe your identity proof: an image or a photo. Moreover, let’s explore the differences between an image or a picture.


What does an image mean?

When you use a mirror, then what do you see in that? The content represented in the mirror is your image. It is not your photo, as the mirror shows your precise replica in 2 D. Also, when you see something like Christmas flower pics and tell about them in the future, you describe them by visualizing those images in your mind. While talking about your memory, you don’t have the photo in your mind. Your mind has images of those flower pics, like images of southern magnolia trees.

Remember that an image can’t always be considered a photo. That is why the word image is widely used to tell someone’s traits or personality. Also, the people want to see a person as per their image. For example, if an actor plays a romantic character in a movie and sees the same actor in another role next time, you often see that this role doesn’t suit the actor’s image.


What does a photo mean?

A photo is nothing but a replica of an object. For example, when you perform the best flower images, HD download and again photocopy them to spread to other individuals. Yes, the term photocopy is widely used instead of image copy. In addition, the word photo is used to refer to the pictures captured by a camera. While taking a picture like Christmas flower pics through a camera, you utilize light to capture the content found in front of the camera lens. In simple terms, a photo is produced when you perform a light process. You will always need a camera to develop a photo. You can say a photo is an image, but an image is a photo. That’s all you need to know.