You all see lots of images online in your daily tech life. Digital photos allow you to share them easily on different platforms. While a digital image looks eye-catching, having a physical format of your favorite Image gives you a feeling of satisfaction. To get a natural feel of an image, all you have to do is print it and attach it to a wall. For example, if you like holly berry tree photos or images of red hot chili peppers, you can bring all these favorites home on a piece of paper. Keep reading on to know more.


Calibrate the monitor

The first step to get the print of your newly purchased or downloaded Image, like a picture of a Christmas poinsettia flower, is to calibrate your system. Calibrating the monitor means adjusting or correcting its colors.


Use RGB or Adobe RGB to save the print file

Here you have to choose the correct file format like sRBG or Adobe RGB to print your files.

Save the Image as 8-bit

While editing the Image, the image file should be 16-bit, but when you save the file, you have to keep it 8-bit. Having an 8-bit file makes the transfer process easier.

Choose the correct dpi

When you edit the Image, like printable pictures of poinsettias, you need to choose 300 dpi. Overall, you have to select the dpi based on the resolution you want to have.


Resize the Image

While resizing an image may not be necessary, sending a complete picture to print is not easy. You can easily resize an image by opening it in Adobe Photoshop.


Crop the Image

In the case of a full-frame camera or an ASP-C sensor, you should have an aspect ratio of 3:2. You can go with this ratio if you want to print an image of 4×6 or 8×12 size. But note that the respect ratio won’t be the same while printing sizes like 7:5 or 5:4.


Sharpen the Image 

After performing the above steps successfully, you need to sharpen the Image like holly berry tree photos. The right time to sharpen an image is after you complete cropping.


Soft proofing

After completing all the editing steps, you have to soft proof the Image, like images of red hot chili peppers that you want to print. You can do so in most of the photo editing software. It is a great way to see the Image on the monitor that you are going to print. That’s all.