“A photograph is a great chance to keep a moment forever.”

I am a fine art and commercial photographer who uses photography as a visual medium to express how I see the world around me and share it with others. I am specialized in travel, lifestyle, landscape, fashion, business, wildlife, etc. I have adopted a visual medium to understand my changing environments and the people around me, with an emphasis on storytelling and feel while maintaining a unique look. Along with my extensive travels throughout the world, I have worked on a myriad of other campaigns. My creative style has garnered much love across various platforms.

A great love of traveling has been a constant in my life, and a love of photography grew naturally out of that as well as a wish to capture the places and moments I saw and the impression they made on me.

My focus nowadays is on capturing traveling moments, landscapes, fashion, wildlife, and lifestyle photography. And beyond that, I am still inspired by visiting new places and cultures, and finding great happiness comes from being out in the natural world.

Photography guidance I give every time

Whether I am talking with a professional photographer or a friend who wants to do photography, I always give photography advice that ‘Take more photos than you think you actually need.’

It is surprising how quickly we familiarize ourselves with the beautiful things around us. After only a few days in a new place, things start to feel familiar, and we stop seeing everything as worthy of a photo. Near the end of the trip, we are not able to capture all the fantastic moments that continue to happen.

So, I always remind other people and also myself because I think that reminder to myself gets me a little bit closer to the lovely moments.

Mother Nature wants to be captured!

In this era of the internet and smartphones, we often find ourselves separated from the beautiful nature that lies all around us. Although we rely on the natural world and its glories for everything artificial we make, nature is also something we need to have untouched. Many times, nature comes up with something we can’t believe is real. They say the truth is stronger than fiction, and these incredible photos are just that because they seem to us healed at first look, while they are actually real. Sometimes a photo is caught at just the right moment to expose something truly remarkable that we did not imagine could exist.

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